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The Fund Crest

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Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is constructed on classical heraldic lines. It is a complete heraldic achievement comprising a Shield, Wreath, Crest and Motto together with a Helmet and Mantling.

The Shield:
The main elements of the Coat of arms are found in the shield. They are a Phoenix arising from a flaming pyre, a circlet of chain links and a 'Magen David' or star of David

The central figure of the phoenix is an ancient symbol. This fabulous and unique bird was said to have lived a certain number of years after which it was consumed by flames only to rise again from its own ashes. Thus it represents regeneration and symbolizes the continuation of the family unit.

The flaming pyre is an extension of this thought and is drawn in the form of a bundle of sticks bound together. Aesop, in one of his fables, shows that sticks one by one may be readily broken; not so when several are bounded together in a bundle. The lesson shown is that 'UNION GIVES STRENGTH.'

The 13 links of the chain represent the original 13 brothers and sisters of the Saffer Family. The chain symbolizes the brotherhood of the fund.

The Magen David is representative of our Jewishness.

The Crest:
Second in importance to the shield is the crest, a pair of springbok horns. This was chosen to identify the fund with South Africa through its national animal.

The Helmet:
This is simply a convention in heraldry and has no special significance as far as the Fund is concerned. The style of the helmet has been chosen for aesthetic reasons.

The Mantling:
This decorative scrollwork on either side of the shield is also conventional. It is a stylized version of the knight's mantle, which had become torn after long use.

The Motto:
The Motto 'Brotherhood Endureth' is a restatement in words of the ideas embodied symbolically in the rest of the design.
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